Looking for a truly different collection firm?

Here at Brown & Joseph we're a different kind of collection agency.
Our collection professionals never demean, degrade or harass your debtors; rather, they speak respectfully, listen intently and strive to find solutions to your debtors' cash-flow problems. This empathetic "counseling" approach is much more effective than the typical "hard line" collection agency approach.
At Brown & Joseph, we take a problem-solving approach to help your debtor get back on track. And, we build long-term partnerships with clients like you. We pride ourselves on collecting your funds efficiently, courteously and quickly to keep your revenue stream flowing.
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Here are just a few reasons why you should partner with Brown & Joseph:

No tricks and no bullying
We're persistent but polite when dealing with your former customers.
High success rates
Our success rate is approximately 60% - that's more than three times the national average of 19%*
*As recently reported by the American Collectors Association.
Outstanding customer service
Our goal is to exceed your expectations and delight you in every possible way, and, as our current clients can tell you, we're very good at meeting that goal.
Extensive experience
Brown & Joseph has handled the collection needs for a wide range of internationally recognized corporations and small businesses since 1996. The services we provide help our clients stay ahead of the competition.